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The purpose of this page is to explore any issues affecting the conservation of wildlife in our area i.e. from Portchester in the west north to Denmead, west to Chalton and south to the coast around Nutbourne Bay.  If you are concerned about an issue that might interest others send me an e mail (click here).  I will restrict topics to those affecting conservation and exclude those which are more amenity related.

Havant Thicket Water Storage Reservoir

The plans for a large reservoir north of Havant are being dusted off and reviewed now that approval to build the reservoir is anticipated.  The programme now is as follows

2018 Submission of planning application
2019 Early preparatory work
2021 Site preparation
2023 Embankment Construction
2026 Filling and Commissioning
2028 Completion

The reviews will include an update of the environmental assessment by new contractors.  The reserve is expected to have a range of amenity facilities including a visitor centre and nature 'reserve' area which will probably be managed by Staunton Country Park.

Click here for a map of the reservoir as currently planned

Click here for Portsmouth Water's latest newsletter.



The Southmoor foreshore

September 2017

This somewhat controversial scheme is attracting a lot of attention.

The basic plan is to breach the sea wall where it is currently damaged and allow the sea into the southern part of Southmoors.  A bund is to be built along the line of the current footpath from the end of Mill Land west across the field and then south to the sea wall.

The Harbour Environmental Officer and the statutory authorities and NGOs e.g. Natural England & the HIWWT are being consulted.  FoLH committee have discussed the plans and objections raised by mainly local residents and have decided not to object to the scheme.

The breach will create very valuable intertidal wildlife habitat and in the Wildlife Trust’s field a pond/lake that will also attract wildlife.  The lake will be created by using soil from there to make the bund.  The hedge dividing the area at present may be reduced to create sight lines for birds using the habitat.

A footpath along the new bund will give walkers good views of the new habitat.

Concerns have been about the loss of grazing marsh, which is regrettable but arguably not to much is being lost.  Flood protection is also an issue but it is understood that the Environment Agency have ‘modelled’ the scheme and the final designs will seek to mitigate the risks.

The planning application (APP/17/01250) is now on line on HBC's web for consultation .  There is lot of information and maps.  If you look at Natural England's comments don't be misled by the inaccurate suggestions the site has been I high tide wader roost





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