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There was a barnacle goose on Baffins Pond Portsmouth on 21st. (MF Wearing)


There were red kite sightings at the top of Swanmore Rd Leigh Park, at Deanlane End and over the A27 at Titchfield on 22nd.


Three marsh harriers were seen hunting low over the reed beds at the Thorney Island Deeps (SU754048) on 21st. (S Teale)



Seven purple sandpipers were at Southsea Castle at 14:00 on 22nd and on 23rd.


Two green sandpipers were on a wet flush in the aerial field (north of the A27) at Farlington Marshes on 23rd.  (C Lycett)


A Short-eared Owl was hunting over land just to the north of West Thorney (SU768031) (S Teale)


Two sand martins briefly flew over the stream at Farlington on 22nd.  (PA Gammage)

On 21st in the afternoon there was a stonechat and 2 wheatears south of the lake at Farlington Marshes  (PA Gammage).  A single wheatear was at Eastney at midday (MF Wearing) and at the oyster beds the next day (I Mears).  Two were at Southsea Castle on 23rd. (R Janicker)


Chiffchaffs have been seen or heard this week at Baffins Pond (Portsmouth), in a Portsdown garden.


There was a flock of 30 siskins in a tree in a Deanlane End garden on 21st.  (J Simons)




Butterflies & Moths




On  Milton Lock Nature Reserve / Allotments where it was windy and a decidedly cool day on 21st there were 5 small tortoiseshells, 2 peacocks and a small white in  the more sheltered areas. [Posted by Ashley Whitlock]









Spanish bluebells and summer snowflake have flowers in Mill Lane Langstone. (JG)


On the Trust walk on Friday we will see alexanders, coltsfoot and comfrey in flower.  (JG)













Other Wildlife








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