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On 27th a swan has begun nest building at Langstone millpond, further back into the reedbed this year.


Three barnacle geese were still at Titchfield Haven on 23rd.


An adult drake surf scoter was present on 25th & 26th off Stokes Bay Gosport .




The female goosander that visits Langstone Pond was there on 23rd. (R Hollins)


The usual female plumage marsh harrier was seen at Titchfield Haven on 23rd & 27th.


A red kite flew west over the Great Deep on Thorney Island on 27th.


Three spoonbills landed in the creek behind the canal on west Thorney at lunch time on 27th.  Two were at Titchfield Haven on the same day.


At Langstone Pond one heron was bravely withstanding the wind to be with its young chicks this week.  (R Hollins)

A peregrine flushed black-tailed godwits at Titchfield Haven on 23rd. (R Tofts)


Around 400 golden plovers were roosting off Langstone Pond on 25th.  The spotted redshank was on its usual Nore Barn stream at the north end, close under the bridge, where it was accompanied by the song of a single unseen stock dove. At the other end of the woods there was a greenshank in the outflow channel from the eastern stream of the farm and while I was watching it I heard the call of a Rock Pipit.  (R Hollins)


Nine sanderlings were feeding at the waters edge at Hill Head on 27th.


There were at least 12 snipe at Titchfield Haven on 27th.


Up to 12 purple sandpipers have been at Southsea Castle this week,



At the oyster beds the air was filled with the distinctive calls of the Med gulls of which  35 were counted on 27th.


At 1015 on 26th 2 water rails were showing well at Langstone Mill Pond from the small wooden bridge over the main sluice gate.

 Goldcrests have been seen this week at The Rowans Hospice garden where one perched a few feet away from the observer on 24th and another in Nore Barn woods where one flew down and started to bathe in a puddle no more than a metre ahead of the observer on 25th.

A coal tit was persistently singing from the trees opposite the One Stop shop at the junction of the Emsworth Road with Southleigh Road on 25th.  (R Hollins).




Butterflies & Moths












There is a substantial flowering of common whitlowgrass with 69 plants counted along the edge of Prince George Street and Waterloo Road Havant. (R Hollins)


In Mill Lane Langstone the garden escape summer snowflake plant outside the West Mill had opened a couple of flowers on 23rd (R Hollins).


 Wild primrose flowers were seen in the copse on the seaward side of the Billy Track where Daw Lane would meet the shore if it were extended west on 27th. In south Hayling many daffodils are in flower and along Ferry Road the area north of the Golf Course was a glorious mass of flowering gorse. South of the Ferry Inn a few plants of common whitlowgrass was flowering among the leaves of spring beauty.




Other Wildlife


This morning there are now well over a dozen clumps of frogs eggs in my garden pond and still many mating couples that have not yet spawned.  It is impossible to give exact numbers because the pond is heavily planted and they won't sit still :-)

Hoping this will be a better year than 2014 when the tadpoles seemed to die off shortly after they became free swimming. 



David Dew


There was a single water vole at the 'Dolphin' pond opposite Tesco's on 27th.Nik Knight






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