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Two wigeon were at Farlington Marshes on 22nd.  (T Doran)   A pintail and 7 widgeon were there on 27th.


Three mandarin ducks were at Langstone Mill Pond on 27th.  (RP Clay)


An osprey flew from the west over Portsmouth Harbour on 29th.


Two ospreys were present at The Thorney Deeps in the afternoon on 23rd, and others at Farlington Marshes & Emsworth on 24th.


A peregrine was roosting on a pylon at Horndean on 27th.  (P Hogan)


A great white egret  was reported flying east over Langstone Harbour on 27th. (C Slade)



On Monday & Wednesday there around 30 little egrets in the trees at Langstone Pond but a night roost count on Thursday 25th found at least 124.



On 22nd there were 8 knot at Farlington Marshes  including one stonking red bird.  (T Carpenter)  Waders there on 27th included an avocet, green sandpipers, green & spotted redshanks, ruff and little stints.


A ruff was at Titchfield Haven on 25th & 26th.  On 26th there were also 6 little stints.


Two ruffs and 2 avocets were at Titchfield Haven on 29th.  (C Harrison)  Four ruffs were on the scrape opposite the hut at Farlington Marshes also on 29th.  (S Miles)


A greenshank was seen at Northney Common on 29th.  (I Mears)


At 17:00 on 25th two little stints were in a Farlington Marshes with 13 knot, 2 ruffs, a green sandpiper and a bar-tailed godwit. 


On 29th there was a little stint at Titchfield Haven where there are still green & common sandpipers.



At Farlington Marshes on 29th there were 4 little stints and a curlew sandpiper on the stream.  (D Cox)



Two curlew sandpipers were at Farlington Marshes on 24th (A Johnson)


There were 3 green sandpipers along the stream at Farlington Marshes on 23rd and 2 spotted redshanks on 24th.  (T Doran)




A kingfisher was seen at Southmoors on 23rd  (M Gillingham), one was in Fareham Creek behind the bus depot and another at the Northney Marina on 25th and 1 at Budds Farm on 27th.


A hoopoe was present on Whale Island on 25th & 26th.



Sightings of yellow wagtails include up to 35 roosting at Titchfield Haven and 37  at Farlington Marshes.  (M Gillingham)  A dozen or more were among cattle both sides of the Titchfield Haven Canal Path on 25th.   30 were on the Hayling Island, Sinah Golf Course with at least 25 wheatears.  They are being seen in other sites among cattle.


There were 11 yellow wagtails at Northney Common Hayling Island on 29th.  (I Mears)





A spotted flycatcher was in the bushes at Farlington Marshes and a wryneck on the east side of the Point field on 23rd.  The latter was still at the point on 24th. (T Doran)   A spotted flycatcher was seen on the Titchfield Haven Canal Path on 23rd. (D Houghton)


Pied flycatchers have been seen at Hayling Island, Sandy Point & Hayling Island, Northney Paddocks where there were also 3 spotted flycatchers.


redstarts have been seen at Southmoors, on the Titchfield Haven Canal Path and Northney Hayling Island.


Birds on the Titchfield Haven Canal Path on 29th included a wood sandpiper, a spotted flycatcher, a grasshopper warbler, a whinchat, 3 redstarts and 2 yellow wagtails. 


There was a redstart Flitting between the scrub in the paddock at Wicor (Portchester) on 29th (AD Tindale)


A whinchat was on the footpath near Gypsies Plain Havant Thicket on 22nd.  (M Collins)

Up to 10 whinchats have been counted on the Farlington Marshes reserve with Wheatears.




Two ravens flew over Farlington Marshes on29th.  (D Cox)


A barred warbler was on the shore past yacht club to area of tamarisks at Sinah Common Hayling Island on 27th.  (JM Clark)








Butterflies & Moths



Adonis Blue, Silver-spotted Skipper and Clouded Yellow were all seen at Old Winchester Hill in the afternoon on 22nd.  At the bottom of the car park slope around 6 male Adonis Blues were seen, easily separated from the other blues. My Adonis attention was justifiably interrupted from time to time by a Clouded Yellow passing through this nectar rich habitat (4 seen)  A small area of the south field where the turf is slightly shorter yielded just 3 Silver-spotted Skippers, all in reasonable, if not fresh condition.


 Painted Ladies, Comma's, Red Admiral's, Large White, Small Whites, Green-Veined Whites, Holly Blues, and  a few Meadow Browns were seen in a Milton garden on 2nd. A couple of Elephant Hawk Moth caterpillars were also in the garden. [Posted by Ashley Whitlock]



 at Chalton Down a Clouded Yellows was present on 23rd.. [Posted by Roy Symonds]










A cowslip is in flower in a Clanfield  garden.  (M Berry)








Other Wildlife


 Bats recorded during a public bat walk on Thurs 25th Aug, walking north along the Billy Trail from Hayling old station and theatre included common pipistrelle, soprano pipistrelle, Nathusius' pipistrelle and serotine. This is probably the first time that Nathusius' pipistrelle has been recorded from Hayling Island, but there was one earlier this year at Langstone.  (N Knight)


A water vole  was in the stream behind the Havant TESCO store on 27th.(C Slade)










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