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A white graylag, probably from Baffins Pond was at Milton Common, Portsmouth with Canadian geese on 8th.  (K Crisp)


The Warblington goosander was feeding off Pook Lane in the channel at low tide with  one lucky male red-breasted merganser displaying to 8 females. (P Milinets-Raby).


An oprey flew along A32 at Frater traffic lights at 16:00 on 9th going north being mobbed by herring gulls.  (G Calderwood)  1305 on 10th Amazingly near enough the same place as yesterdays bird but higher, flying and then circling above Holbrook estate then drifting North. Buzzard, Sparrowhawk joining the Herring Gulls mobbing the poor Osprey.  



but the best show was put on by a pair of Buzzards that seemed to be intending to nest at the east end of the Chalk Pit and kept soaring and hovering over that area (I thought it was only Rough-legged Buzzards that hovered!). I did not see anything of the Peregrines or the Ravens that nested here last year but did get a short view of a female Sparrowhawk soaring (with well rounded wings and tail) over the east end of the pit.  (R Hollins 9th)


A spotted redshank was feeding on the tide line at Farlington Marshes on 9th.  There were also 4 gadwall and a sedge warbler on the reserve.  (J Badnell)


Nine black-tailed godwits in summer plumage were on low tide mud off Pook Lane at 16:00 on 9th. Also 5 dunlin and 14 grey plovers. (P Milinets-Raby)



An arctic skua was seen at Stokes Bay on 7th. (DE Stevenson)


A first winter little gull was still present on 7th with 100+ Sand Martins and c10 Swallows and on 8th at Posbrook Floods. (D Wallace)


There were 14 Sandwich terns at Stokes Bay on 7th.  (DE Stevenson) Six were off Milton Common, Portsmouth on 10th (K Crisp)


At Langstone Pond in the afternoon of 7th  a Water Rail swam across the narrow channel just north of the Swan nest on Langstone Pond. (Ralph Hollins)  It was Showing well on and off beside the Mute Swan's nest at 16:00 on 9th.  (P Milinets-Raby)

Birds at Milton Common, Portsmouth on 10th included a wheatear. 4 swallows, 3 sedge warblers, a white wagtail, 10 willow warblers


A male reed warbler was at Posbrook Floods on 8th.  (M Finlason)



Warblers at Milton Common, Portsmouth on 8th included 7 Cetti's warblers, 3 sedge warblers, 2 chiffchaffs, 3 blackcaps and a willow warbler.  (K Crisp)


At Farlington Marshes on 10th a whitethroat, 2 sedge warblers and 2 swallows were seen.  (R milligan)


Another willow warbler  was singing briefly in my garden while I was checking moth box. Flew off North & began singing in other gardens. (JJ Goodridge)



Two siskins were on a Widley garden on 6th April.  (per Kathryn Jones)







Insects (& spiders)


I found a Steodata nobilis (false widow spider) in my clothing when getting dressed on 9th.  They bite!  JG


QECP   8/4/14  cowslips  3 areas  Also Bugle and lilac ivy-leaved speedwell in Waterlooville   Val vardon 


My own news for today comes from a cycle ride to the eastern entrance to Farlington Marshes and back in the late afternoon sunshine, during which I had my first view of a Beaked Hawksbeard plant just about to open its flowers and also of several Ox-eye Daisies with open flowers. Another first on this trip was quite a lot of Bugle in flower and one bush of Broom covered with open flowers. Also seen was my first bold display of Cowslips in flower and my second show of both Scarlet Pimpernel and Dove's Foot Cranesbill.  (R Hollins)


 During my walk around the Paulsgrove chalk pit I saw my personal first Holly Blue and Speckled Wood butterflies and my first Annual Wall Rocket and Sanicle plus a lot of what I assume was Glaucous Sedge (not yet checked)  (R Hollins 9th)





Other Wildlife


Of significant local interest was an email from Nik Knight telling me that at least one Water Vole was still to be seen on the Havant Mill Pond (across Park Road South from the Solent Road junction) where he saw it yesterday morning (Apr 7). (R Hollins)



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