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There were 3 common scoters off Hill Head on 27th.  (D Houghton)


A marsh harrier was seen from the Knight's Bank hide at Titchfield Haven on 27th. (DJ Pearson)



No less than 15 gannets were seen off Hill Head on 27th.  (D Hoiughton)


A yellow wagtail was seen from the Knight's Bank hide at Titchfield Haven on 27th.






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On the Saltmarsh Lane seawall on Hayling some old fern grass (Catapodium rigidum) was found this week.

Fool's parsley and tansy were seen where the path leading to the north pier of the old rail bridge diverges from the new cycle track. In the Oyster Beds area there was some prickly lettuce with its flowers fully open.  Near the pillbox where a footpath branches off to West Lane four plants of Pepper Saxifrage were in flower.  Fragrant agrimony can be found just south of the section where the sea has eroded the west side of the track and forced it to be fenced off. (R Hollins)








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