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Ten white-fronted geese adults, flew in to Farlington Marshes at approx 0800, left and headed north at 0900, reappeared and landed at 1020, before heading off west at 1050. Six of the birds had neck rings with three character codes on them which I will follow up on. (T Doran) 





On Tuesday 21st October there was a peregrine perched on the top of Nickleby House Portsmouth. (F Foulger)

A male merlin  was at Titchfield Haven on 21st.  (R Carpenter)

A single swallow flew low really struggling in the high winds on Tuesday heading in land poor thing. (T Stimson)  There were 9 at Titchfield Haven on 22nd.  (J Bailey)


One, maybe two firecrests were feeding with Goldcrests in Holm Oaks, in Highland Road Cemetery Southsea at 11:30 on 20th.  (JJ Goodridge).




The Siberian stonechat was still showing well from the Meadow Hide at Titchfield Haven on Wednesday.


There were 2 bullfinches at Titchfield Haven on 22nd.  (J Bailey)


Two ravens were seen from the Meadow Hide at Titchfield Haven on 23rd.  (D Wallace)






Butterflies & Moths


Yesterday (20th) at Havant Thicket there was a clouded yellow (definite but unsure what sex - going from flower to flower), 1 male brimstone, 1 peacock and 1 speckled wood. All looked fresh. (Hazel McMillan))


Insects & Spiders








Other Wildlife

The regular white squirrel in Victoria Park Portsmouth was spotted gain on 20th.  (LJ Wilkinson)








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