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A peregrine was circling and looking to land on the PFC floodlights on 13th.


spotted redshank at Farlington on 10th may be the bird that was there in June but if so it's now well on the way to winter plumage. (T Doran)  Two greenshanks were on the deeps on 12th.


A golden plover was at Farlington Marshes midday on 11th and a moulting male ruff and a little ringed plover on 12th.  There were 3 lrp on the deeps on 14th.




There were 23 Mediterranean gulls and 30 common terns on beach near the Sailing Club at Hill Head at 14.00 on 10th. (MH Terry)


Two roseate terns were at Titchfield Haven or Hill Head bfrom 14:00 on 11th and were still around on 12th.  One was strill present on 13th but none were found on 14th when there were 80 common and 4 Sandwich terns off the Sailing Club.







On 12th a pair of woodlark were in a plantation in the eastern forest at Stansted, fenced this last year so hope they have bred in its safety. (M Prior)


A juvenile wheatear was on the sea wall at Farlington Marshes on 12th.




A spotted flycatcher was feeding a juvenile in the Mansion grounds at Stansted on Tuesday afternoon. This is the first definite evidence of breedingon the estate for a couple of years and on Wednesday a firecrest was feeding in the arboretum. (Michael  Prior)




Butterflies  & Moths


A chalkhill blue and a painted lady were seen in the vicinity of Fort Widley on 11th.  (JG)











Plants in Compartment 9 on Portsdown on 11th included harebell, common centaury, musk mallow, bastard toadflax, yellow-wort and dwarf thistle. (JG)









Other Wildlife

On 10th 2 foxes rested in a back garden on Rose Hill, Lovedean. These foxes are being seen there fairly regularly now.   

A young roe deer ran across the road near the shops on Frogmore Lane, Lovedean at midday the same day. (Katie Mann)  In a Portsdown garden 3 foxes including a fairly large cub are frequent visitors. (JG)




At  7am on 12th a lady 's sleep was disturbed by a sort of scratching noise on her window, looking out there was a squirrel on my window sill, nothing very unusual about that , but the strange thing is this was on a 9th floor. (Karina Smith  )






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