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A black brant was viewed from Halliday Crescent on Eastney sports field on  24th.  (T Codlin)


Sea ducks off Hill Head on 24th included 6  scaup and single long-tailed duck and velevet scoter.  (A Robjohns)


A red kite was seen circling over the A3M Near Petersfield turn off on 21st and one was at Titchfield Haven on 24th.

There was also a peregrine at the Haven on 24th.


Two marsh harriers were  putting up lapwings and gulls at Titchfield Haven on 23rd.  (LT Parkin)


There were 14 golden plovers at Titchfield Haven on 22nd.  (D Wallace)


There were at least 6 avocets at Titchfield Haven on 24th.


Two golden plovers were roosting on Southsea Common until flushed by a herd of joggers when they flew high north. (T Codlin)



There were 8 purple sandpipers west of Castle Point at Southsea Castle on 21st and 3 on 24th. 


There were 20 sanderlings on the beach near the harbour at Titchfield Haven on 23rd.  (LT Parkin)


A jack snipe and a woodcock were flushed during an organised snipe count at Titchfield Haven.




There were 120 black-headed gulls on the oyster beds island with just 2 Mediterranean gulls on 20th.  (T Butcher)


On 23rd there were at least 14 Sandwich terns feeding in the Chichester Harbour entrance. (A Johnson)


A short-eared owl was showing very well, quartering the point field at Farlington Marshes on 24th.


A male woodlark was singing and moving across hillside above Deanlane End on 23rd.  (J Simons)

have were seen flying north over Leigh Park, at Eastney Point and Deanlane End on 24th.



Butterflies & Moths



  Brimstone  and red admiral butterflies were seen by The Kench and at the Ferryboat Inn on Hayling on 18th. (Jennifer Bennett) 











Whilst planting a tree yesterday in the piece of parkland opposite Emsworth Lodge Stansted a first ever New Zealand flatworm for the area was found.  (M Prior)




 White comfrey is in full flower in the grass of the pathway running north from the East Pallant car-park behind the houses of Beechworth Road.

In Wade Lane the cherry plum blossom is now widespread and beyond the vehicle entrance to the pony field  cow parsley is in flower on the east bank of the lane opposite the great display of sweet violet flowers on the west bank.

On the footpath north from the path connecting South to North Close wood avens have flower buds about to open and showing the yellow of the petals.  (R Hollins)




Split gill (Schizophyllum commune) is fruiting on a fallen beech tree on the Crookhorn golf course.  (JG)








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